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It was pale yellow and half-broken

And the messy head of a palm beside

This been the picture

                                   on a canvas darken

And an ear was missing on the terrace

                                      for a perfect aside


Amartyer Alor Ishara

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This has been a book on Migration of people and with them their music and cultural legacy. 

Migration of people and with them their music has perhaps been the most colourful and lively document of history that lives in the past and in the present as well leading toward a better future. It is a saga in itself of mankind. It has almost been nearly a decade that I am lost in this beautiful world of cultural connections. These have been the articles that I had to write to bring out numerous facets of the multilayered connection between the ancient civilizations, from time to time. I’m thankful to the editor of Achin Patrika Mantu Mitra and the publisher of Achin Prakashani Mita Mitra to push me to this extent that I finally selected 10 from those articles for coming out with this collection Amartyer Alor Ishara. I am specially thankful to them for the reason that I could find out lot many published articles that I almost lost.

#AmartyerAlorIshara is available @ Akkhar Prakashani, #BarnaParichay 18 A, Temar Lane, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700009

@ Dey Book Store, Block No – 5, Shop No: 24, Bankim Chatterjee St, College Square, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073


Cry and Hues

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I tried it with F sharp
Almost close
A bit of high treble
And that’s it

But does it have that layer
Rather it became
A shrill from those childhood obstinacy
Or of a professional mourner

No it should have G minor
Because G minor can hold that extra moist
Or G minor can have that soaked feel
Yes the adult mind needs minor notes

So we are ready with all minor notes
To denote the adult mind’s expression
With very occasional sharp chords
Yelling out the torment

It’s looking flawless now
According to pitch perfect
Carrying all Barri tone basic pain
And soprano catharsis optimum

But in vain
Yet there was not born a single drop
To put life to this glorious hue of cry
That did the rain


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Somewhat broken 

A panpipe in E major as if

A distinct call from beyond all regular noise

From that wide winged bird

And this full grown balcony in a shady evening

Starts losing its iron bars

A huge stretch of green rushing  in

I almost like that protagonist of that Spanish film jump off into that deluge of green with legs impaired

And swim across the sea within with strength of the flapping wings

I could land into Cinderella shoes

In that protected portico

The golden capped morning mountains on the right side

The large lake with the long legged birds left.





Kapisayana the Trance

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Intoxicating it is.

The new found love of mine…

Kapisayana the Trance…

gj4078_001This new performance is all about the quintessence of  ancient addiction of Indo-Greco-Turkish world …

The charm of the everlasting relationship and  evergrowing love….

Indus Dreaming

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Happy Anniversary

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Thank You WordPress for this wonderful message…


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