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Amartyer Alor Ishara

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This has been a book on Migration of people and with them their music and cultural legacy. 

Migration of people and with them their music has perhaps been the most colourful and lively document of history that lives in the past and in the present as well leading toward a better future. It is a saga in itself of mankind. It has almost been nearly a decade that I am lost in this beautiful world of cultural connections. These have been the articles that I had to write to bring out numerous facets of the multilayered connection between the ancient civilizations, from time to time. I’m thankful to the editor of Achin Patrika Mantu Mitra and the publisher of Achin Prakashani Mita Mitra to push me to this extent that I finally selected 10 from those articles for coming out with this collection Amartyer Alor Ishara. I am specially thankful to them for the reason that I could find out lot many published articles that I almost lost.

#AmartyerAlorIshara is available @ Akkhar Prakashani, #BarnaParichay 18 A, Temar Lane, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700009

@ Dey Book Store, Block No – 5, Shop No: 24, Bankim Chatterjee St, College Square, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073


Kapisayana the Trance

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Intoxicating it is.

The new found love of mine…

Kapisayana the Trance…

gj4078_001This new performance is all about the quintessence of  ancient addiction of Indo-Greco-Turkish world …

The charm of the everlasting relationship and  evergrowing love….

Migrating Music: Dream Coming True

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This is the kind of music we are up to. Migration of people and with them the migration of music, migration of culture..sense of loss, sense of rootlessness..And finally forming the largest fraternity of people migrated worldwide..sharing the pains and pangs..there by to see all the ancient civilizations reflected in the same mirror…to know the glory of our celebrate the feeling of oneness…to find a common dialect…

Migrating Music

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sufi-dancer-egypt-photographic-print-c12851258I end this year with a promise to myself, I actually believe that all promises made to the self only, however, I’ll be true to my Self.

Migrating Music has been one such issue for me that if I just don’t start trading on this path, or if I just get it delayed, it will finally be becoming Untrue to my Self.

Well, so I’m on the way!!

Need your wishes, blessings, prayers..

World Music, Tagore Music and Guitar: A Journey…

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It was sharing with young minds the journey of people, their culture, music, and the instrument Guitar along with, a discourse in the presence of the guitar maestros from around the world, and an honour of elaborating ideas, putting colour into it, by the playing of guitar-maestro Pt. Debashish Bhattacharya on slide guitar.

And an enchanting and engrossing discussion at the venue itself ( Sculptor-Court of ICCR, Kolkata) even after the workshop was quite an encouragement, encouragement to believe in the power of Music.

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Indian Classical Music and World Music: Perception & Discourse

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You are welcome to live discourse on this nascent subject.

A regular interactive session is open, now on.

This is a never-before initiative to connect to the world through the language of pure music.

To feel the universe in your own pulse.

To be with us, write to us.

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