Here it is dawning again

A new mist fragrant soft light around

I can hear the silence singing a strange tune

And within, snowflakes, a rhythmic pattern of sense of loss

A vague void or heavenly high

A vague void or heavenly high-

The self of the self going dust to dust

Each, identical, deflecting, the core

I don’t feel any more-

Only the discrete secret feel

Only the discrete secret feels now-

It was once the toiling bones,

The grains of sand under feet- temporal, insecure

Tears that could create waves to overflow

Now they are all beads of pearl, immaculate

Here it is dawning now

A pearl pink glow around

I can spell that strange tune of late

And, Snowflake, the Eurasian slender one now lives

In vague void and heavenly high


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