A Fable

A fable

[A lyric for my psychedelic Band]

On some day

You got to collect your self

Lying scattered on the floor

Each small particle

With a prism in it

And a colour

More vibrant than while it was a part of the whole

You pick each of them

You watch each of them

Put them in the magic vault

With a hope it will be an organic whole

The next morning

You pour them out on a piece of cloth

This time yourself

Desperately searching for the design

Rambling your fingers

Through the edgy pieces

Your skin bleeds

Your mind yet more

You fail to gather

And you know

You are forgetting the pattern

Within your blurred brain

While it rains, within-

You lose one or two parts even,

You mourn

On one shining day

You want to dry

All things soaked-

Folded papers, mom’s warm silk’

Rocking chair antique,

And all those colours vibrant,

Parts of whole-

Now all each,

An island rich,

They lost their common name,

And you, lost in them-

It’s alright

That you lost your whole

It’s alright

That you got all soaked

It’s alright

That it crushed your soul

It’s alright

That you invoked

It’s alright

A brand new dream

It’s alright

With the colour splash

It’s alright

You forgot to scream

It’s alright

That you could trash

It’s alright

The mass of pain

It’s alright

After the rain-

You found new rhyme

To dance or chime,

Design divine-

It’s all bright,

It’s alright!!


2 Responses to “A Fable”

  1. A Large canvas with spectacular colours and fragrance of dried leaves inviting the northern wind.

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